Local Authors Expo Flyer

The Local Authors Expo will be held at the Central Library, Friday, November 30 and Saturday, December 1, 2007. Local authors will sell and autograph their books. Included will be both adult and juvenile fiction and nonfiction titles. The Expo is sponsored by the Friends of the Birmingham Public Library.

Participating Authors
Friday November 30, 2007

Alford, Doug J.  Cozy Clozy; OGS, ZOGS and Useful COGS
Beck, Jerri Poems From the Big Table
Bell, Jeanenne C. G.G. How To Be a Jewelry Detective; Jewelry Detective Resources Book; Answers to Questions About Old Jewelry, 6th ed.; Encyclopedia of Pendant and Pocket Watches, 1500-1950; Collecting Victorian Jewelry; Encyclopedia of Hairwork Jewelry; Warman's Antique Jewelry, Field Guide
Birmingham Historical Society  A Walk To Freedom-The Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth and the Alabama Christian Movement For Human Rights; Birmingham View-Through the Years In Photographs; Birmingham Bound-An Atlas of the South's Premier Industrial City; Birmingham District-An Industrial History and Guide; Birmingham Homes-A Guide To Architectural Styles; The Olmsted Vision-Parks For Birmingham; Vulcan and His Times; True Tales of Birmingham
Boliek, Robert Poems From the Big Table
Brooks, Emma Carter Southern Quotes
Broomes, Lloyd Rudy M.D.  Sufficient Grace: Surviving Prostate Cancer
Channell, Ramey  Tokens; Down to the River
Clemons, Marvin and Key, Lyle  Birmingham Rails, The Last Golden Era
Coker, Suzanne Poems From the Big Table
Crummie, Derrick  Growth Within Misery; Collective Assembly
Dalton, Anne  Dream Ghost; Massacre Island; Simon Sails to LA Louisiana
Fomby, Melissa R.  Doubt and Destiny Don't Mix
Hand, Edie The Last Christmas Ride; Cajun and Creole Cooking
Harper, Tony  The Dreaming Book
Hatcherson, P. Banneker  My Mirror and Me
Hill, Josephine T. Dr.  Alabama Listening In the Cold War Era
Hinton, Herman Lee  Life Is So Simple When We Choose To Love God's Way
Holmes, Annie
  Setting the Stage; The Art of Presentation
Ingram, Angie  Party In a Box
Jackson, Geraldine  His Healing Towel
Johnson, Aisha  The Mis-Education of a True Poet; Standing On the Front Line
Julius, Michelle Ramsey Three Fish and a Octopus; Puppy Dog On a Broom
Kelley, Tamika  Erica's Hair Is Everywhere; Show Some Love; Christine G. Is A Christmas Tree; Field Trip
Kimbrell, Fuller From the Farm House to the State House; You Want Believe It But It's So
Kittinger, Jo S.  Dead Log Alive!; A Look At Rocks: From Coal To Kimberlite; A Look At Minerals: From Galena To Gold; Going To the Beach; Moving Day; A Lunch With Punch; When I Grow Up; George Washington Carver; Jane Goodall; The Joy of Cats
Koger, Danny K.  The Misadventures of Carson and C. J. Crenshaw: In Search of the Book of Life
Latham, Irene What Came Before; Poems From the Big Table
Lawson, James  Acknowledging and Glorifying the Lord
Leonard, Denise  Troubles of the World
Marks, Barry Poems From the Big Table
Mason, Patricia  Do Something About It: Women Speaking Out
Minter, Joe  To You Through Me
Moore, Forrest
Nasheed, Tariq
Parker, Carnelius  Minister Sin
Poon, Sitka  A Little Rice
Rashada, Sister S. Baseemah  The Black Woman and Man
Reed-Givhan, Jan Now You See Me, Now You Don't
Roberts, Chellee  Miracle From the 3rd Realm
Rohr, Nancy M.  An Alabama School Girl In Paris, 1842-1844
Schweigert, Paul  Across Alabama
Shehane, Susan  Alabama Listening In the Cold War Era
Solomons Books and Church Supply Store
Stricklin, Nancy  Poetically Correct;
Swann, Diane  The Swann's Song; With Love From Alabama; WWW Dot Won't Wear a Rubber Dot Com; A Fried Baloney Sandwich For the Soul; My Dad Is Not With Us
Threatt, C.L.  Different But the Same; A Journey Through the State With Harlo and Nate
Tripp, Henrietta  A Quest To Know God
Tyree, Joan  In the Spirit Poetry For the Soul
Weeks, Robbie  The Art of Teaching Is a Gift; Parental Involvement vs. The Home, School, and Community

Participating Authors
Saturday December 1, 2007

Alexander, Landon Dr.  Bablony is Falling; Jesus the Christ; The Salvation Plan of God; The Doomsday; The Truth, Nothing But the Truth; The Verdict Is In; What Every Christian Should Know
Andrews, James R. Sr.  Have You Been To Heaven Since You Believed?
Batcher, Michelle The Visitor At Winter Chapel
Bedgood, Lorenza M. Rise Beyond Challenges
Benn, Lisa  Supernatural Increase: The Day It Rain From Heaven
Bond-Jones, Twana  When It's Right It's Right
Bonner-Blackburn, Valeria  Sacred Choices
Carter, Avery V.  Bessemer City Limits: Poetry For "Everyday" People
Cockrell, Jacqueline
Crawford, Donald M. Sr. 
The Wheels of the Birmingham Civil Rights Movement
Crawford, Jessie  The Christmas Pray; The Greatest Commandment; The Miraculous Tea Cake
Crummie, Derrick  Growth Within Misery; Collective Assembly
Curry, Shaunteka  Love Hard: Live Free
Dilworth-Williams, Evelyn Panola: My Kinfolks' Land; Morning Promises & My Evening Songs; Polishing the Apples
Fisher, Linda  A Will of Her Own
Freeman, Constance Don't Hit Me No More
Glenn, John  Acting Out
Glenn, Judith A. Voices
Gray, Sondra  According To Punkin
Green-Brown, Catherine The History of Avondale
Gullio, Cathy  Gearing Up To Finance A College Education
Gunn, Carolyn  Read the Will To Be Totally Fulfilled
Hopkins, Nicolia  Can I Get an Amen; What was Grandma Doing?
Horn, Mildred  Tina the Squirel
Huntley, Horace  Black Workers' Struggle For Equality In Birmingham
Hurt, Avery  Bullet With Your Name On It
Jackson, Roderick L.  Landmark Get Set......Go! "A Coach Fights For Equality"
Johnson, Athena
Johnson, Brian
The Game Twisted
Jones, Linda H.
Let Me Rap to You; Freedom Liberty; About Us
Jones, Jessie Wendy  And the Greatest of These Is Love
Kimmons, Willie J. Dr.  A Parenting Guide Book
Mauldin, Vorncella  Benefits Available Through Jesus Christ
Mccowin, Bill  Diary of a Pysi-Visionian
Mills, Diane Marie  Your Dreams Should; The Turtle In the Project
Monroe, Alberta Felder  Lord Lift Me Up Where I Belong
Morrow, Linda  The Happy Lady
Mullen, Rosie  Breaking Free
Price, Candie A.  First Lady: The Real Truth
Ratcliff, Barbara  Just Before You Say I Do
Rohrbach, Ed JJ 101 The Greene Planet
Roscoe, Pauline  My Travel Checklist; I Prayed; She Died Where Are You Now
Rutledge, Myra  A Powerful Woman
Shehane, Susan  Alabama Listening in the Cold War Era
Sikora, Frank The Visitor At Winter Chapel
Smith, Mychal  Choosy Lovers: A Radical Romance
Smith, Sydney  Where Does Harry Sleep?; Who Am I?; What Is Harry Doing?; Harry Likes To Play; Harry's Chairs;
Thomas, John Elliott  That Fishy Feeling
Weeks, J.D.  Birmingham In Vintage Postcards; Panama City Postcards; Birmingham: Then & Now
Wells, Marilyn  All Roads Lead To Math
West, Richmond  Your Yesterday Is My Tomorrow; The Deviants
Williams, Evelyn Dillworth  Panola My Kinfolk's Land; Morning Promises and My Evening Song
Woods, Emmett  The Black Frog; The Happy Family Goes On Vacation
Wiggins, Leah Holder My Neighbor is Gone