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The Local Authors Expo will be held at the Central Library, Friday, December 5 and Saturday, December 6, 2008. Local authors will sell and autograph their books. Included will be both adult and juvenile fiction and nonfiction titles. The Expo is sponsored by the Friends of the Birmingham Public Library.

BPL and Bright House interviewed three of the authors scheduled to appear



List of Authors  

Friday, December 5, 2008

Lorenza M. Bedgood
Rise beyond challenges

A. Faye Boykin
Hso/hbo - help a sister out/help a brother out
Can we possibly meet in the middle?
Been through the fire but didn't get burned 100%
No testimony without a test
In due season…they that wait don't wait too late
Gold on your fingertips…stop sittin' on your assets

C. Jeanenne Bell
How to be a jewelry detective
Jewelry detective resources book
Answers to questions about old jewelry (6th ed.)
Encyclopedia of pendant and pocket watches, 1500-1950
Collecting Victorian jewelry
Encyclopedia of hairwork jewelry
Warman's antique jewelry, field guide

Dale Brakhage
Alphabetical basic concepts of selling

Tahiera Monique Brown
Annihilator of  Innocence

Bob Dyck

The new science of sustainability: building a foundation for great change
Ramey Channell Token
Down to the river
Jessie Crawford
The Christmas prayer
The greatest commandment
The miraculous tea cake
Leroy’s new bike

Derrick Crummie
Growth within misery
Collective assembly

Rochelle Gelpin
Inspirational poetry by design

Cheryl Loftice Gillman
A hero finds rest
Thom Gossom, Jr.
Carolyn Gunn
Read the will to be totally fulfilled

Renita Harrigan
When it rains flowers grow

Christopher J. Holmes
True to myself

Angie Ingram
Party in a box
Jo S. Kittinger
Dead log alive!
A look at rocks: from coal to kimberlite
A look at minerals: from galena to gold
Going to the beach
Moving day
A lunch with punch
When I grow up
George Washington Carver
Jane Goodall
The joy of cats

Philip Lienert
World War III: the writing is on the wall

Patricia Mason
Do something about it: women speaking out

Mansel Philip McCleave
Hunger pains in our heads

Joe Minter
To you through me
Tinnie Dell Pettway
The Gee’s Bend experience

Valerie Hicks Powe
Women’s workplace wisdom from Proverbs

Shari Rettig
The night before the first Christmas

Paulin Roscoe
Kenya Africa my travel check list

Paul Schweigert
Across Alabama

Dianne Swann
The Swann's song
With love from Alabama
Www dot won't wear a rubber dot com
A fried baloney sandwich for the soul
My dad is not with us

Henrietta Tripp
A quest to know God

Robbie Weeks
The art of teaching is a gift
Parental involvement vs. the home, school, and community

Andrea Whitfield
Restoring respectable class behavior

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Michelle Batcher and Frank Sikora
The visitor at Winter Chapel

Lisa Benn
The Lisa magazine

Twana Bond-Jones
When it’s right it’s right

Catherine Browne
The history of Avondale

Avery V. Carter
Bessemer City Limits: poetry for "everyday" people

Kasey M. Carter

Forever altered, yet unbroken

Harold Cato
Hidden treasure

Donald M. Crawford, Sr.
The Wheels of the Birmingham Civil Rights Movement

Shaunteka Latresa Curry
Love hard live free: conversations with she

Evelyn Dillworth-Williams
Panola my kinfolk's land
Polishing the apples: children's poetry
Morning promises and my evening song

Dionne Edwards, Felicia Sanders and Shannon Williams
Old-fashioned recipes…shared with friends and family

Wana Fletcher

Constance Freemon
Don’t hit me no more

Sondra Gray
According to Punkin

Renita Harrigan
When it rains flowers grow

Jimmy Carl Harris
Walking wounded
Wounds that bind

Nicolia Hopkins
Can I get an amen?
What was grandma doing?

Mildred Horn
Teeny the squirrel: meets the outside world

Angenette D. Jackson
To Rhyme Or Not To Rhyme…Messages Of The Heart

Jessie Wendy Jones
And the greatest of these is love

Lucy Jones
Questions you need to ask before marriage

Claude W. Keenam
The secret in Deep Water Swamp

Tamika Kelley
Erica's hair is everywhere
Show some love
Christine G. is a Christmas tree
Field trip

Dr. Willie J. Kimmons
A parenting guidebook

Freddie May Lewis
Opening a closed heart
Crashing into destiny

J. F. Lewis

Creola Gaston Lucas
For ever green

Rashunda J. Lyons
Betrayed by love ~ empowered by life
His wife was the other woman

Randy H. Martin
Introrse: where the spirits speak

Diane Marie Mills
Your dreams should
The turtle in the project

Ernestine Moorer
Disappearing biscuits

Linda Morrow
The happy lady

Annetta W. Nunn
Gospel in blues (cd)

David M. Oser
Call my name the wind
Paid in full

Carnelius Parker
Minister sin

Candie A. Price
Wow magazine and first lady the real truth

Chellee Roberts
Miracle from the third realm

Nancy M. Rohr
An Alabama school girl In Paris, 1842-1844

Mary Gadson Russell
A slip of the lip: words of wisdom from
African American grandparents

Susan Sieweke
Annie Nell meets the sock gnomes

Mychal Smith
Choosy lovers a radical romance

Sydney Smith
Where does Harry sleep?
Who am I?
What is Harry doing?
Harry likes to play
Harry's chairs

Nancy Stricklin
Poetically correct

Diane Swann
The Swann's song
With love from Alabama
Www dot won't wear a rubber dot com
A fried baloney sandwich for the soul
My dad is not with us

John Elliott Thomas
That fishy feeling

C. L. Threatt
A journey through the state with Harlo and Nate
Different but the same

Julie Fletcher Watson
In the shadow of His wings

Marilyn Wells
All roads lead to math
(preparing for success in high school mathematics)

Cutressa M. Williams
The power of leadership; becoming the leader
Others will follow
Wake up live the life you love: moments

Kenny Williams
My everything (cd)

Dawn Wilson
Women, get in the army of God

Emmett Woods
The black frog
The happy family goes on vacation

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