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Mar. 21, 2012
On May 3, 1999, one of the most powerful tornadoes ever recorded carved a path of complete destruction near Oklahoma City. NOVA follows stormchasers as they probe the tornado's deadly secrets.
This BBC production will blow you away with rare footage, stunning graphics, and incredible tales of Mother Nature. Experience our planet's most powerful forces, from the deadly heat of the Sahara to the force-12 winds of a hurricane and the unstoppableenergy of a bolt of lightning. Join investigative reporter Donal MacIntyre as he is blasted, roasted, frozen and soaked on his expedition to the heart of the Weather.
Some brave-hearted souls get as close as humanly possible to a tornado in this program from the National Geographic channel. Delving into the heart of a tornado in a specially constructed vehicle, these filmmakers manage to capture footage not previously thought possible.
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