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Do you have questions about when to prune, when to plant, or when to fertilize? The Alabama Cooperative Extension System provides all answers in a handy month by month format.
If you're a fan of Fine Gardening magazine, you'll love their site. It offers a plant guide, design info, helpful videos, lots of how-to articles, and their plant pronunciation guide.
Volunteer programs to advise and educate the public on gardening and horticulture, sponsored by the Alabama Cooperative Extension System.
If you don't have enough flower, seed, or bulb catalogs, here's a site with links to even more catalogs! Catalogs can be viewed online or copies may be requested by mail.
Whether you need information on plant care, lists of best plants for this region, or ideas for selecting plant combinations for containers, Proven Winners can help.
The purpose of the society is to stimulate interest in Southern garden and landscape history, in historic horticulture, and in the preservation of historic gardens and landscapes in the South.
This Guide provices simple how-tos to spruce up your garden with fresh ideas.
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