Birmingham Public Library
Birmingham Public Library Bag Check and Limitation Policy

For the safety, health, and comfort of the patrons and staff of the library, and to ensure unimpeded access to the collections in an environment conducive to library use and enjoyment, the Birmingham Public library has placed the following limits on the number and the size of bags, and other packages which may be brought into the library.

Patrons may bring no more than one large and one personal item into the library.

  • One personal bag (including purses, briefcases, musical instrument cases, and plastic or paper retail store bags not containing food or contraband)
  • One other bag which may not exceed 9"x14"x22".

All items are subject to inspection upon entering and exiting the building. Visitors must keep bags and personal items with them at all times. The Birmingham Public library is not responsible for unattended items and bags.

Approved and adopted by the Birmingham Public library Board March 29, 2012

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