Birmingham Public Library
Gallery Exhibition Policy

In keeping with this mission, BPL, as a major cultural and educational institution, strives to reach a broad cross section of the public through its exhibition spaces. To that end, BPL will present exhibitions that stimulate interest in a wide variety of ideas. The Library will sponsor exhibitions that support its mission, collections, programs and services. It will utilize resources available in its own collections and will present exhibitions that utilize outside resources that support the Library’s mission.

This policy is written specifically for the selection and exhibition of artwork at any location in the Birmingham Public Library system.

  1. The First and Fourth Floor Galleries of the Birmingham Public Library are available for exhibitions by individuals or groups whose works are approved by the Ad Hoc Library Gallery Selection Committee. Persons or groups desiring to have an exhibit in the Gallery must adhere to the following procedures and guidelines.

  2. The exhibitor will submit a formal request, including a resume, artist statement, photographs, website, CD, or thumb drive, etc. representing the overall body of work to the Library’s Gallery Manager. The request will be presented to the Ad Hoc Gallery Selection Committee for review. Work must be submitted no less than four months before the opening exhibit date. Up to four artists may exhibit together unless the exhibit is by an established group. Each artist must go through the jury process. All artwork must be deemed suitable for a public library and all pieces to be considered for the exhibition must be included in application materials. The decision of the Ad Hoc Gallery Selection Committee is final.

  3. If the committee approves the exhibit, the exhibitor will be contacted to confirm dates for the exhibit and to discuss the installation of the exhibit. At this time, the Exhibition Agreement, including the beginning and ending dates of the exhibit, will be completed and signed by both the exhibitor and the Gallery Manager.

  4. The exhibitor is responsible for the transportation and delivery of the exhibit to and from the library. The exhibitor will send (by email, CD, or thumb drive) the title, media, and price of each piece to the Gallery Manager no later than three weeks prior to the hanging date of the exhibit. The Gallery Manager will coordinate with the library’s PR Department on the guidelines for the creation of title cards and title panels for the exhibit. The library will share the cost for having the exhibition professionally installed with the exhibitor-each contributing half of the installation fee. Coordinating the installation and final approval of the design and appearance of the exhibition will rest with the library.

  5. The library reserves the right to final approval of the appearance and design of such materials as invitations, brochures, flyers, etc. provided by the exhibitor. The library will apply all wall labels, posters, etc. The artist must provide sufficient work to cover 150 linear feet of wall space. All works must be appropriately framed and ready to hang. The library’s PR department will distribute materials such as posters and flyers to Public Libraries in Jefferson County.

  6.  When the exhibit items are delivered, the exhibitor will complete and sign the “Receipt of Incoming Objects” document.

  7. Prices of items for sale may be noted on the gallery list and/or the wall labels. The library will not facilitate or become involved in the sale of the work from the exhibit. The library requires 10 percent of any sales made during an exhibit as a tax-deductible donation within 60 days of the closing of the exhibit.

  8. Security arrangements for the gallery are the same as for the other areas of the library. BPL will not be held liable for artworks in the exhibit. The exhibitor will hold the risk of loss, theft, or vandalism.

  9. The exhibitor may hold an opening reception at the library. Requests for reception arrangements must be made when the exhibit is booked. The exhibitor will be responsible for the invitations, refreshments, decorations, and any other arrangements for such activity. Opening receptions may be held during regular library operating hours. If an after-hours reception is approved, library security personnel must be present during such functions. Security personnel is paid the specified hourly rate, this must be paid by the exhibitor at the time of booking. The Chief of Security will determine the number of guards required based on the number of invited guests.

  10. The library, in cooperation with the exhibitor, will distribute publicity announcements and articles regarding the exhibit to local and regional media. The exhibitor will furnish biographical and professional data to the Gallery Manager. The library reserves approval rights on copy and design of any invitations or announcements that are sent out by the exhibitor in relation to the Library Gallery exhibit.

  11. The quality of the total exhibit must match the quality of the photographs or images on the website sent for approval.

  12. The Birmingham Public Library has final approval on all exhibits.

Gallery Exhibition Submission Form (pdf)

Adopted by the Birmingham Public Library Board on December 20, 2001
Revised on October 2002
Revised on September 13, 2016

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