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Computer Resources at BPL

Just walk in to any Birmingham Public Library and you will find the door to your future.

Enter that door and you will have access to a world of information that will supply you with the key to your future.

The door to your future is TECHNOLOGY!

The key to your future is KNOWLEDGE!

The Birmingham Public Library provides leading edge technology to all of our patrons and to the general public.

In addition to Internet access, you will find such offerings as Microsoft office applications including Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and desktop publishing applications such as Publisher.

Our library catalog offers you the holdings of every public library in Jefferson County, Alabama and you have instant access to a host of database subscriptions by way of JCLC and the AVL.

BPL Central and all of the Branch Libraries have high speed Internet connections and computers dedicated to providing access to the Internet and to most all of the media products within our repertoire.

Free wireless access to the Internet via wireless fidelity or "Wi-Fi" is available in several departments at the Central Library. These departments are: Arts, Literature and Sports, Business, Science and Technology, Fiction, Government Documents, Social Sciences, and Southern History.

BPL Central has a large fully staffed training facility that conducts both public and staff training on many of the locally available applications including Web based training on several applications as well. Each branch is capable of conducting similar training on a smaller scale.

Birmingham Public Library is proud to be one of the largest and most technologically advanced libraries in the United States and is proud to have the ability to provide you with the best access to information and resources available.

Wireless at BPL

Free wireless access to the Internet via wireless fidelity or "Wi-Fi" is available at all BPL Locations.

Patrons may access the Internet via "hot spots" at the library using their own laptop computer, tablet or other Wi-Fi enabled device. Patrons need to provide their own equipment, but do not have to use any special codes or passwords to access the Internet. They can simply turn on their device and connect to the "hot spot" Wi-Fi network.

The Wi-Fi connection is operational whenever the libraries are open. While using this service, patrons must adhere to the same BPL computer and Internet policy as those using Library computers. In addition, the Library recommends Wi-Fi users take appropriate security precautions when using this service.

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