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Library Materials
Biography regarding Farragut and the Battle of Mobile Bay. (Library Use Only)
Document regarding the Hunley. (Library Use Only)
Found also in the House Miscellaneous documents of the 52d to the 56th Congress. Produced by the Government Printing Office. (Library Use Only)
Available online at Cornell University and at Ohio State University
Produced by the Government Printing Office. (Library Use Only)
Available online at Cornell University
Written by distinguished men of the South, and edited by Gen. Clement A. Evans of Georgia in 12 volumes. First published in 1899. (Library Use Only)
Includes bibliographical references and index. 10 volumes.
A compilation of drawings and reports, mainly from Harper's Weekly and Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, arranged with commentary. (Library Use Only)
Includes the proceedings of the Lee memorial meeting and of the annual meetings and reunions (1st to 9th) of the Virginia Division of the Army of Northern Virginia Association. (Library Use Only)
Published in 1866. Regarding the Andersonville prison. With the argument of Col. N.P. Chipman, judge advocate. (Library Use Only)
Reprint. Originally published: Atlas to accompany the official records of the Union and Confederate Armies. Washington, D.C. : G.P.O., 1891. Scales of maps are reduced 10 per cent from the original ed. Includes indexes.
Military map showing the marches of the United States forces under command of Maj. Genl. W.T. Sherman U.S.A. during the years 1863, 1864, 1865 : Compiled by order of Maj. Genl. W.T. Sherman U.S.A. at head quarters Military Division of the Mississippi under the direction of Bvt. Maj. W.L.B. Jenney, capt. a.d.c. U.S.A / drawn by Capt. William Kossak, addl. a.d.c. U.S.A. and John B. Muller, draughtsman.
About this book -- Introduction: mapping the war -- 1861, a change of flags -- 1862, war on a grand scale -- 1863, a harvest of death -- 1864, the landscape of war -- 1865, tightening the noose -- Appendix -- Index.
An epic documentary by Ken Burns bringing life to America's most destructive - and defining - conflict. Here is the saga of celebrated generals and the ordinary soldiers. A heroic and transcendent president and a country that had to divide itself in two in order to become one again.
Volume 1: Hornets' Nest at Shiloh, Bloody Lane at Antietam ; Volume 2: Wheatfield at Gettysburg, Tragedy at Cold Harbor.
This is the compelling, epic saga of the Battle of Gettysburg, filmed at the massive 140th Gettysburg Battle Reenactment. The dramatic story unfolds through both Union and Confederate commanders' dispatches, diaries, and after-battle reports.
Celebrate the nation's sixteenth president. Presents a complex portrait of a man who many consider to be our greatest commander-in-chief, but who considered himself a lonely man. Brings to life the tumultuous time in which he led the country, some of his finest Civil War moments, and his final hours.
A biography of Robert E. Lee. Driven by loyalty and blessed with immense talent, his greatest moments came in support of a cause that divided his nation and his heart.
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