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May. 3, 2018
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"Eddie Cantor (1892–1964) was one of the most important entertainers of the 20th century, starring in theater, film, radio, and television. His immense popularity, his pride in his Jewish heritage, and his engagement with political issues distinguished him from other headliners of his era. Historian David Weinstein documents his significance as a performer, philanthropist, and activist."
"In May, 2003, Coalition forces searching the flooded basement of Iraqi intelligence headquarters in Baghdad discovered startling evidence of Iraq’s once-vibrant Jewish community. More than 2,700 books and tens of thousands of documents – wet and moldy – were removed and laid in the sun to dry. Conservators from the National Archives in Washington, DC, recommended the materials be frozen to prevent further deterioration. The items were then flown to the United States and freeze dried and have since been in the custody of the National Archives."
"The Montefiore Censuses provide us with an amazing window to life in the Middle East during those years. Volunteers connected with IGRA (and the IGS before IGRA) spent years going over the census records, and transcribing and translating them in order to make them available in both Hebrew and English. The scans are kept on the Montefiore Endowment website and the index found on the IGRA website points you to their site as well."
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