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Oct. 15, 2012
Tables charting the chemical elements have been around since the 19th century - but this modern version has a short video about each one.
Yinon Bentor presents an interactive periodic table of the elements. For each element, Bentor highlights basic facts and notes the atomic structure. Links to related sites are available. This information is suitable for use with all levels of chemistry or science classes.
Provides information on general chemistry topics. Presents course and examination guides for the Chemistry 101 class at Frostburg State University, sponsor of the site. Features interactive, self-guided tutorials on specific subjects, such as matter, compounds, and measurement. Includes skills checklists and self-grading examinations. Contains an annotated database of Web sites related to general chemistry....
The Royal Society of Chemistry offers a visual interpretation of the table of elements. Each listing offers the name of the element, the person responsible for its discovery, its origin, a description of the element, and chemical information on the element.
Presents information on the periodical table of elements. Allows users to click on an element in the table to bring up a list of general properties and data, and information on its discovery, history, uses, geologic occurrence and abundance, compounds, and chemical isolation. The online community feature allows registered users to participate in online discussions about chemistry and to post newsworthy articles....
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