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Alcohol Abuse
“Lively, highly informative, unbiased, [and] thorough” (Addiction Research & Theory), this no-nonsense handbook surveys the most used and abused drugs from caffeine to heroin to methamphetamine.
Provides basic consumer health information for teens about the physical and mental health effects of alcohol use, with facts about alcohol abuse and underage drinking, treatment and recovery, and coping with alcoholism in the family. Includes index and resource information.
An exploration of the rise in alcohol consumption and abuse among women in recent years. Drink covers health risks, marketing, current trends and sociological underpinnings of this new epidemic. The author beautifully weaves reportage with her personal recovery story into a compelling and informative narrative addressing one of the most pressing issues for women today.
More than 100 of the world's top experts interviewed by [Christopher Kennedy] Lawford share their research and wisdom on how to determine if your bad habit is becoming a dependency through self-assessments and symptom lists and how to determine which treatments will work best for you.
When Rain Hurts is the story of one mother's quest to find a magical path of healing and forgiveness for her son, a boy so damaged by the double whammy of prenatal alcohol abuse and the stark rigors of Russian orphanage life that he was feral by the time of his adoption at age three.
Drug Abuse
“Lively, highly informative, unbiased, [and] thorough” (Addiction Research & Theory), this no-nonsense handbook surveys the most used and abused drugs from caffeine to heroin to methamphetamine. In both quick-reference summaries and in-depth analysis, it reports on how these drugs enter the body, how they manipulate the brain, their short-term and long-term effects, the different “highs” they produce, and the circumstances in which they can be deadly.
Nearly every child will be offered drugs or alcohol before graduating high school, and excessive drinking is common at most colleges. But the good news is that a child who gets to age twenty-one without smoking, using illegal drugs, or abusing alcohol or prescription drugs is virtually certain never to do so.
Citing formidable recovery rates for people addicted to prescription opiates or heroin, a guide inspired by the experiences of addicts in long-term recovery outlines treatment approaches based on new understandings about opiate addiction.
Part of the Dangerous Drugs series for young adults, this book by Katie Marisco talks to kids about the cocaine and crack.
A possibly career ending injury looks to knock Hayhurst out of baseball forever. Isolated from his family, broken, and branded a traitor by his teammates for writing inside the locker room, Hayhurst finds himself at a crossroads: should he continue down the spiral of depression and prescription drug abuse he's falling into, or seek psychological help at the risk of being labeled a "head case" by an industry biased against that which it cannot quantify? Or maybe Hayhurst just needs to show them all how much fun being a head case can be?
Meth Abuse
This is the first book to expose every aspect of the epidemic for the general reader. From the perspective of experts in drug addiction and doctors, law enforcement, and stories from addicts and former addicts, Iced is a scary but compelling portrait of a seductive killer.
The Clems were a family living the American dream until their fifteen-year-old daughter Carren became addicted to Meth. This story is told both from Carren's perspective and from the perspective of her father Ron, a former LA police officer who went back to being a cop to try to rescue his daughter.
The dramatic story of the methamphetamine epidemic as it sweeps the American heartland—a timely, moving, very human account of one community’s attempt to battle its way to a brighter future.
The definitive book on the impact of methamphetamine on individuals, communities, and society by two of America's leading addiction and criminal justice experts.
Describes methamphetamine and crystal meth, including its origins, the dangerous effects of the drug, and how it is produced, and discusses how to seek help for methamphetamine addiction.
Tobacco Abuse
Binge drinking, particularly in young women, has become big news. Debates about the regulation and classification of cannabis are frequently voiced. Cigarette smoking is banned in public places, and emotive public health campaigns seek to reduce its use still further. Yet there are many sides to each of these arguments, and if we look back over the last 150 years, we see massive variety in the ways societies and states have related to drugs, drink, and tobacco.
A program introduced on The Oprah Winfrey Show combines psychological techniques with smoking-cessation aids including nicotine gum and patches, outlining straightforward methods that address key physical, emotional and situational obstacles.
Provides primary source facts on issues associated with teen smoking, including media influence on a teen's decision to smoke.
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