Central Library
Saturday, February 20, 2016
9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

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The annual Local Authors Expo held at the Central Library is expected to showcase up to 100 Alabama authors, including many from the Birmingham area. This year's free event will be held on Saturday, February 20, between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Authors will be on hand to discuss their work, sell and autograph their books, and talk about their writing process.

Authors who wish to sign up for a booth at the event may do so online at the EventBrite registration page. There is a $5 booth reservation fee for participating authors, but attending the Expo is free for the general public, no registration required. For more information, contact David Blake at (205) 226-3686 or dblake@bham.lib.al.us.


PosterFeatured Speakers

10:30 a.m.
So You Want To Write A Children's Book
Panel Discussion with Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators members
Irene Latham, Moderator
Kerry Madden
Jo. S. Kittinger

1:00 p.m.
The Art of Marketing Your Book
Greta King, PDMI Publishing

2016 Authors

Abernathy, Ed, Chicken Soup Is Vile
Allen, Raymond, Sensitivity The Husbands Ministry To His Wife
Allison, Shadaria, Wise As A Serpent, Harmless As A Dove: A Womans Manual
Angelo, Mary, I Found Someone to Play With
Austin, Jacques, The Evolution of Decision-Making: Learning to Tap Into Your Genius
Barden, Cabot, Shamrocks And Skallywags
Barnier, Cyndi, Murder in Twos and Threes (Task Force Series)
Beckham, Joe, Overcoming Bipolar Disorder & Other Mental Difficulties: A Christian Perspective
Benn, Lisa, Birmingham Black History Makers
Blasingame, Scott, The Night Dragon
Braud, Deirdre, Slightly Bruised and A Little Broken
Brown, Emily, Birmingham Food: A Magic City Menu
Brown, Kevin, My Conversation With Life
Bush, John C., Patriots and Rebels
Cain, Kevin, My Haunted Collection
Cannon, S. W., From Content to Book Draft: Tips on How to Write Your First Book
Caver, Erica, Mending the Broken Spirit
Channell, Ramey, Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge
Childrey, Lawayne, Peeling Back the Layers: A Story of Trauma, Grace and Triumph
Collins, Shani, The SHE Devotional: 31 Daily Inspirations for a Woman's Spirit, Health and Emotions
Cook-Godfrey, Denise
Cooper, Dianne, CJ's New Basketball
Daniel, Roderick Van, Notebook To A Young Black Man
Davis, Joy, Countenance
Dickinson, Dot, Brilliant Illustrated Stories
Dill, Diane, Love Is a Red and White Umbrella
Dominic, Cecilia, Eros Element
Ferguson, Shirley, Birth Cry
Files, Brenda Milton, Leaning on Grace and Mercy
Fondren, Delilah, Marriage a Barrel of Laughs, Unless You're the One in the Barrel
Foster, Sharanda, Shaken Faith: Healing My Broken Spirit in the Midst of My Storm
Freed, Kisha, A Breast Cancer Anthology: From These Hands We Give
Gannon, Jack, Dawn of the Living Ghost (The InSpectre Series)
Garner, Kelly, The Night That Changed Our Lives
Gerelds, Todd, Woodlawn: One Hope , One Dream, One Way
Gilliam, Givon Wayne, Chapel Run
Glenn, Tomika, Dear Little Brown Girl
Gomez, Sandra, I Shall Go On
Guyton, Debra, Butterfly in the Breeze
Gwin, Dennis J., Hit the Knee
Hamilton, Lori, Sawdust, Soap, Soil, and Stars
Hancock, Vanessa, Chosen, The Rise of the Dark Queen
Hannah, Kyle, Time Assassins
Hicks, Jeremy, Cycle of Ages Saga: Finders Keepers
Hogan, LaTasha, Confident Woman. I Think. I Know. I Am.
Huggins, Peter, Audubon's Engraver (Poetry) Trosclair and the Alligator (Picture Book)
Hutchins, D. Foy, Heartbreak Therapy
Jack, James, Flight Between Worlds
Jaffe, Richard, Quest for Justice: Defending the Damned
Jefferson, Scelelar, God You Crazy
Kelly, Apryl, Operation Back to the Fiel
Kimani, Janet, From My Heart To Yours
King, Greta, The Adventures of Ted and Fred
Kingsley, Stacy, Zombies Are People Too!
Kirchikov, Peter, Walnuts On My Bookshelf: Memories of Living in Communist Russia
Kittinger, Jo S., The House of Dirty-Third Street
Laster, Damian, There Is NO HIV, The Rainbow Warrior Exposing The Truth About HIV Antibody Testing and The Metaphysics Of Self-Healing Through Chakra and Kindalini Awareness
Lathan, Irene, Leaving Gee's Bend
Little, Jaronda Little & Kimberly Oden-Webster, God is Not a Deadbeat Dad: 60 Days to Discovering the Love of God
Mack, Shewana, Entrepreneur After God's Own Heart
Madden, Kerry, Nothing Fancy About Kathryn and Charlie
Mason, Camille, Duty Shoes, A Nurse's Memoir
Matthews, Naomi, A Poetic Journey and Confessions of a Dead Poet
Miner, Joi, Side Piece Chronicles
Mitchell, Shirley W., Fabulous after 50
Nicole, Brittany, Defining Moment
Owens, Jack, Watchman JFK's Last Ride
Pate, Ivy, CJ's New Basketball
Patterson, Nick, Birmingham Foot Soldiers
Porter, A.G., The Forsaken
Powell, Marian, The Royal Rose of Alabama
Riser, Cherron, Defying Destiny
Robertson, Atiya, Dangerously In Love
Rodda, Stephanie, How Then Shall We Live?
Rutledge, Myra
Sanders, Ginger, Round Eyes
Skanes, Josie, Little Milia Goes to the Library
Smith, Stephanie, I Want My Darn Skates
Smith, Betty, The Rise of TEHH, Thomas Edison Hamilton Hancock, The Boy Who Rebuilt A City
Smith, Betty, Room for Love and Faith: The Shunammite's Blessing
Snider, Carolyn, Diamonds From God's Inkwell
Snider, Sherry, How to Draw & Doodle Balloon Faces
Stahlkuppe, Joe, American Pit Bull Handbook
Stewart, Craig, Words Never Spoken, a Memoir by Craig Stewart
Taylor, Patricia, Sweet Morning Glory
Taylor, Flenardo, The Poetic Whore
Taylor, Carlos, The Devil Goes To Work Too
Thompson, Doreen, The Daughter Of The King from "God's Dressing Room Series"
Towns, Peggy, Duty Driven The Plight of North Alabama's African Americans During the Civil War
Trick, Dorinda, Opening The Gift
Ward, Cynthia, God Hears Me
Watford, Crystal, Birmingham Murders, 1888
Watson, Alberta, Anger Let It Go
Weimer, Brian, Nexus
Williams, Sherman, Crimson Cowboy
Williams, Phyllis, Phyllis Home-Cooked Meals
Williams, Melissa, After This 10 Tips Moving Beyond Heartbreak


Books-A-Million Publishing
EBM -Espresso Book Machine - Zach Kendrick, Christine Corbitt, Joyce McKinnon

PDMI Publishing - Greta King, Nessa McKinney, and T. C. McKinney 


The Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators - Irene Latham, Jo S. Kittinger, Kerry Madden




The Local Authors Expo is presented by the Friends of the Birmingham Public Library, a nonprofit association that supports Birmingham Public Library special needs by providing volunteer and financial resources.


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