All databases are available in every branch of the Birmingham Public Library, unless otherwise noted. A JCLC library card can be used to access many of the databases, however licensing restrictions force us to limit access to certain databases to residents of Birmingham.

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Foundation Maps is a data visualization platform for philanthropy. We partner with a wide variety of foundations and other organizations on custom projects that apply our technology to their particular field or interest, from Foundation Funding for U.S. Democracy, which shows funding for democracy-related activities, to a custom interactive map that shows a real-time snapshot of the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation’s grants approved in the past 3 years.--site Foundation Maps lets you:

  • Explore who is supporting your areas of interest by filters such as subject, geography, population served, type of support, organization name, and keyword
  • Get detailed information about funders, grant recipients, and grants
  • Discover new partners for collaboration>
  • Uncover trends, see networks, and monitor changes across the sector


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