Local Authors Expo Flyer

      Local Authors Expo 2018

The annual Local Authors Expo held at the Central Library will showcase Alabama authors, including many from the Birmingham area. This year's FREE event will be held on Saturday, August 11, 2018 between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Authors will be on hand to discuss their work, sell and autograph books, and talk about their writing process.  

Authors, publishers, and literary organizations interested in participating will find a registration form and more information here. Registration deadline is July 27. If you have questions or need to get in touch, our email address is: localauthorsbpl@cobpl.org.


Ed Abernathy, I'm Sorry You're Ugly
Lauren Bailey, Finding Me Beneath the Kapok Tree
bizart, Octavia Kuransky, Bizart: The Workbook. An easy-to-follow guide to business fundamentals to make your pay
Scott Blasingame, A Sporting Death
Ursula Bradley, Forgiving Father
Joyce Brooks, Mr. Brown, Will You Please Open The Door
Mike Burrell, The Land of Grace
Patricia A. Campbell, Pocket Inspiration
Jaymes Carnathan, Purgatorium
Alex Clark, Worldbender
Ramey Channell, The Witches of Moonlight Ridge
Marvin Clemons, Great Temple of Travel: A History of Birmingham Terminal Station
Rhonda Cowan, Those Raisins of Wrath, Alabama
John B. Davis, The Fruits of His Labor
John Evans, In the Shadow of Cotton
Tevin Gibbs, Antwon's True Story
Ken Gordon, Divorced But Still Dad - Faith Principles of Fatherhood for Divorced Men
Jim Hickman, Mule Shoes to Santa Fe
Avery Elizabeth Hurt, Coping with Hate and Intolerance
Richard Jaffe, Quest for Justice Defending the Damned
Michael Johnson, Report to the Principal's Office: Tools for Building Successful High School Administrative Leadership
Peter Kirchikov, Walnuts On My Bookshelf: Memories of Living in Communist Russia
Epathia Lockett, But God Brought Me Through
Victoria Long, The Girl who Dies at 7
Sanovia Muhammad, A Journey to Forgiveness: Disowning 3 Generations of Violence
Amanda Orneck, Sister of the Circuit
TJ Penn, Game Plan
Brandi Perry, Splintered
Larry Ragland, I See Greatness In You
Curtis K. Richardson, You Already Have It
Doug Segrest, A Storm Came Up
Antaneeca Kay Simmons, Pray Your Way Out: The Journey to Escape
Ethel Morgan Smith, Reflections of the Other: Being Black in Germany
Charles Smith, Jack Slade The Last Vision
Anthony Sparks, Confessions of a Dreamer
Glen Wills, Forgotten Alabama
Elnora Wilson, Awaken and Stir Up the Gift of Love
Terry Wright, The Tales of Love


Anne Bailey, Green Bucket Press
W. Joe Taylor, Livingston Press

Local Authors Expo Flyer (pdf)

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