Local Authors Expo 2023

The annual Local Authors Expo showcases Alabama authors, including many from the Birmingham area. This year's expo will be held on Saturday, November 4, 2023, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. at the Central Library

Local Authors Expo Flyer

Featured Speakers: How to Market Your Self-Published Book

Vanessa Davis Griggs - Bestselling Christian Fiction Author

Joi Milner, Moderator - Recently Awarded the Title of " America's Next Great Author"


Joyce Brooks - It Ain’t Over!

Erma Cooper - Granny's Golden Nuggets

Jessie Crawford - The Journey of the Bags

Keimaya Downey - Blooming Hurts

Burton Flanagan - The White Rose

Mary Anne Freeman - Let's Roll, Oliver!

Sophia Hansen - Water's Break

Marshelle Harris - Cancer Won’t Stop Me

Loretta Herring - Colors of Cancer "OUR VOICES"

Melvin Holcombe - 13 Biblical Questions and Answers Vol 1 & 2

Vallean Jackson - It’s Time To Unpack: A Self Healing Journal

Stephanie Jordan - The Death Tsunami

Dimple Martin - Charlie the Dancing Chicken ; A Tissue Box for All Seasons

Janice M. Marshall - Covered

Tonja McKelvey - "How Will I Get Through My First Day of School?"

Darrian McKinney - I Affirm That I Am: Affirmations Through God's Promises

Sonya Mitchell - Picture the Picture

Vernet Nettles - Sufficient Grace

James Owens - Living to Die or Dying to Live

Anita Patton - Can These Dry Bones Live

Chelsea Rodriguez - Glow

Justin Sims - Young King Young King

Stephanie Smith - I Want My Darn Skates

Gwarmekia Sturdivant - Altar Call: Confessions Part 1

Sanchez Tanniehill - God Did It

Alexandria Tate - A Brown Girl’s Christmas Story

Reginald Thomas - A Big Dream

Arshika Tiwari - The Yummiest Tomato Soup

Michelle Wallace - Her story 2

Estralida Woodruff - Keep Thanking It’s A Game



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